“…His [FredO’s] is a fresh voice in a quagmire of sameness….”
– David Hodgkins

“…Introduction to FredO’s music has been a definitive experience for me…”
– Titus Underwood

Selected works for a variety of ensembles

Selected performances

Lift Every Voice and Sing arranged by Fred Onovwerosuoke.

Featuring composers Fred Onovwerosuoke, Ahmed Al Abaca, Sofia Rocha, Alyssa Regent

Excerpts from the World Premiere of “A Triptych of American Voices- A Cantata of the People”

About FredO

Fred Onovwerosuoke “FredO” is a multiple award-winning composer, born in Ghana to Nigerian parents, with works featured in audio recordings, films, and radio, including Robert De Niro’s film, “The Good Shepherd.” A prolific composer with diverse works for piano, solo voice/choral, chamber groups, orchestra, and various ensembles. Selections from his choral collection “Songs of Africa” published by Oxford University Press, are beloved by choral groups around the world. His book “Twenty-four Studies in African Rhythms for Piano” is considered one of the most-demanded African-rhythm influenced piano studies known. FredO is a recent winner of the “Florence Movie Music Competition.”


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